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イベント名 第7回地球惑星科学教室談話会
地上リモートセンシング観測で大気ダイナミックスを探る    (Exploring the Upper Atmosphere with Ground-Based Remote Sensing)
イベント種類 セミナー
対象 教職員向け 大学院生向け 学部生向け
イベント概要 講演者: Alan Liu(Professor of Engineering Physics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, US)

要旨:The upper atmosphere region, connecting the lower atmosphere and space, is a region that is difficult to observe but of significant importance to both the atmosphere circulation below and space weather above.  In this talk, I will share my experience in the past 20 years in using active and passive remote sensing instruments to observe various phenomena in this region with the advancement of instrument techniques.  The observations not only are being used in our primary research in atmospheric dynamics, but have also expanded into other interesting phenomena such as meteor ablation process, transport of cosmic dust particles, the formation of noctilucent clouds,  and various metal chemistries in this region.  The presentation is based largely on many of our observational campaigns at US sites in New Mexico, Maui, South Pole, and most recently in Cerro Pachón, Chile, which included a variety of ground-based instruments such as Na resonance lidar, meteor radar, airglow imager, and rockets.  Each site offered unique characteristics for observing different phenomena.
開催期間 2018年7月3日 16:30〜17:30
会場 W1(ウエスト1号館)-D-209
定員 なし
参加費 無料
申込み方法 事前申込み不要
Huixin Liu