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イベント名 第3回地球惑星科学教室談話会
Tropospheric weather influenced by solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere coupling downward control
イベント種類 セミナー
対象 教職員向け 大学院生向け 学部生向け
イベント概要 講演者 Paul Prikryl ( University of New Brunswick, Canada )
要旨 Wilcox effect, a relation between solar wind magnetic sector boundary structure and mid-latitude upper tropospheric vorticity [1], was confirmed [2] pointing to a possibility that coupling between the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetosphere, and ultimately the ionized and neutral atmosphere, can influence development of tropospheric weather [3,4,5]. It is observed that explosive extratropical cyclones and rapid intensification of tropical cyclones, tend to follow arrivals of high-speed solar wind streams from coronal holes or coronal mass ejections, when large amplitude magneto-hydrodynamic waves couple to the magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere (MIA) system generating sources of medium-scale atmospheric gravity waves in the lower thermosphere at high latitudes.
開催期間 2018年5月29日 16:30〜17:30
会場 W1(ウエスト1号館)-D-209
定員 なし
参加費 無料
申込み方法 事前申込み不要
地球惑星科学 渡辺正和