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イベント名 第4回 物理学教室談話会
「Carving out the space of Quantum Gravity」
イベント種類 セミナー
対象 教職員向け 大学院生向け
イベント概要 Applying constraints of unitarity and symmetries directly on physical observables was an idea that was widely pursued in the 60's and 70s before the advent of modern day quantum field theory. The limited result at the time can be understood in the modern view point as simply due to the large space of consistent QFTs, even when coupling to gravity is considered. ``Post modernly ", this idea of looking at physical observables directly, either correlation functions in CFT or S-matrix in general QFTs, has given us important insight on what is allowed for any theory that is consistent with the symmetries (conformal for CFT and Poincare for QFT) in unambiguous fashion. I will focus on the four-point S-matrix and show that the assumption of Poincare symmetry and unitarity, one recovers all fundamental properties we know with regards to particle physics: from spin statistics, Weinberg Witten theorem, to a precise sense of why massive particles with spin greater than two cannot be fundamental. Assuming that these properties hold in the UV we will show that there are an infinite amount of positivity bounds on ANY low energy effective description. These bounds in fact describe a cyclic polytope in the space of higher-dimensional operators. Thus in a sense, the world allowed by Poincare symmetry and Unitarity is a cyclic polytope.
開催期間 2017年10月24日 16:00〜17:30
会場 ウエスト1号館A棟7階722号室 物理セミナー室2
定員 なし
参加費 無料
申込み方法 事前申込み不要
物理学部門 素粒子理論 鈴木 博